10 Different Types of Grinders You Can Choose From To Get the Best Grinding For Your Bud

12/05/2014 13:01

Those of us, who are regular weed users, just can’t do without a good grinder. Gone are the days when you would spend time chopping and breaking with hand. This would not only make your fingers sticky and smelly, but you will also lose out on the trichomes from the weed that is so important for potency of the weed.

What Is A Grinder?

A herb grinder is a small instrument that has teeth to grind marijuana, tobacco and other such herbs. It can be made of wood, acrylic or metal. Grinder can be a simple 2-piece / 1-compartment, a 3-piece/ 2-compartment or a more complex 4-piece / 3-compartment variety.

The 2-piece grinder has one single chamber that has blades where the weed is chopped. You will have to retrieve the chopped weed from this compartment. The 3 and 4-piece ones have separate chamber for chopping and retrieving. The two chambers are separated by a fine sieve, which ensures that only the weed that has reached the desired size can pass through the retrieving chamber.

If you are using a good grinder then you must also be collecting keif. This is actually the most exciting part of using a 3-4 piece grinder. Keif is the more potent and pure part of the weed and is used in making hash. After using for a few of weeks, you would get a decent pile of keif that you can use to get that extra kick.

Different Types of Grinders That You Can Use:

For all those of you, who have not yet graduated to a grinder and want some information on different types, here is a list for your information. You can also visit https://thereviewgurus.com/reviews/best-grinder/ and get more information on the types and uses of grinders.

The different types of grinders are:

  • The plastic grinder: This is not a very good way to grind your weed. It is not a recommended grinder until and unless you are left with no other option. The plastic chips off into the ground weed making it the most undesirable grinder.
  • The 1 chamber grinder: They do grind evenly, but you will lose out on the precious keif as there is no way to save it.
  • An Electric Grinder: This is good until it lasts, which will not be very long. Although it is convenient and works fine, but there are huge questions on its durability.
  • The wooden grinder: Just like the plastic version, this one is also not highly recommended. You will end up with chipped wood shavings in your weed.
  • The Bud Grater: This is like a cheese grater and can be used to grate the buds. This is a very old fashioned and time-consuming way, not much better than chopping with scissors.
  • Rotary Crank Grinder: This is a very easy to use and effective grinder. This can however breakdown easily.
  • 3-chamber Grinder: This is one of the most durable and convenient options available. This has separate chambers for weed and keif. They are not very costly, small, easy to carry and unbreakable. It chops the weed evenly and has many satisfied users.
  • Gas Stations Grinders: These are cheap versions, which can easily be picked up from one of the gas stations.  However, you can also chance upon a durable 3-chamber grinder in this lot, which will last you a lifetime.
  • Giant Grinder: This is for people, who would be breaking up a huge load of weed, may be for a party. This is not used regularly by people, who break weed for personal use.
  • Bullet Grinder: This is just like the 3-chamber grinder with only the outside look of a bullet.

Whatever is the type of grinder you plan to use is your individual choice. Your main aim should be to get good quality and even grinding with as much keif retrieval as possible.


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